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Turn Your Anxiety Worrier into Anxiety Warrior

Are you feeling lost and exhausted? Have your stress and anxiety levels spiked, making it harder for you to manage your emotions? If self-doubt is feeding your insecurity and stealing your confidence, I want you to know you are not alone.

The year 2020 caused a lot of young women to feel disconnected from their friends, their families, and even their careers. With each passing day, many women tell me they feel less connected to the goals they had for themselves. And, it causes anxiety and self-doubt.

Anxiety is a normal response to stress, but if it is left unattended, it can become debilitating, hijacking the joy out of your life. When it is difficult to manage your anxiety, it can cause you to react impulsively or withdraw prematurely. It can make you second guess every move, every decision, and every plan. Anxiety befriends self-doubt and fear where you lose your sense of self-trust, self-confidence, and determination.

You Have Options For Anxiety Treatment In Los Angeles, CA

You don’t have to be a victim of your anxiety forever. Instead, you can learn to break the vicious cycle of anxiety and judgment and gain a true sense of confidence in handling life.

Join me and other young women in their 20s and 30s struggling with anxiety in our online anxiety support group. This group will help you reconnect with yourself and learn about managing anxiety to help you go from the Anxiety Worrior to the Anxiety Warrior.

The Anxiety Worrier struggles, but the Anxiety Warrior has unique coping strategies she uses to move into a more peaceful place of acceptance and well-being. Now more than ever, you need to take self-disconnection and turn it into self- EXPLORATION. Because I want more for you. And YOU want more for you!

Reasons You May Be A Good Fit For Our Anxiety Support Group

Women who struggle with anxiety often experience symptoms in their own unique way. While this list of anxiety symptoms does not encompass all of them, you may relate to some.

  • Challenges with anxiety and stress management
  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Poor sleep due to constant rumination
  • Uncontrollable worry
  • Feeling like you are going “crazy” due to intense emotions
  • Struggling to maintain a work-life balance
  • Often being irritable or quick to react
  • Trouble coping with life transitions
  • Difficulty setting healthy boundaries
  • Avoiding confrontation
  • Engaging in people-pleasing behaviors
  • Worrying about the past or the future and having trouble staying in the present

A support group is a space where you can connect with other individuals struggling with similar things as you. The group setting can help you gain new perspectives and learn about the way anxiety shows up for others, which can give you more insight into yourself.

Our anxiety therapists believe in the healing power of community and sharing your story in safe spaces. However, we also acknowledge that a support group may not be the best fit for your needs. Our practice offers one-on-one anxiety treatment with one of our therapists if you would prefer this method of support.

More About Our Online Anxiety Support Group

This support group will help you learn how to take feelings of anxiety, worry, and fear and turn them into strength, resilience, and a stronger connection with yourself. Through heartfelt conversation, science-based psychoeducation, and solution-focused actions, you will not let anxiety and fear get in the way of your growth.

Each week, a day before the group session, you will receive a unique 2-page worksheet on that week’s group topic. This way, you don’t have to worry about taking notes during our discussion. And you will have all the space you need to write your weekly action goals, note questions that come up for you as you go through the experience, and journal about differences in the way you feel.

The group is going to be interactive and challenging..but most importantly it will be inspiring. This group will allow you to ask yourself, “who I am behind all this anxiety, worry, and fear? How can I learn to manage my emotions? What really fills up my cup? What things should I say ‘no’ to more often, and what things should I say ‘yes’ to because they nurture and sustain me?”

Outcomes Of Our Anxiety Support Group

After your time in our online anxiety support group for women, you will…

  • Turn your inner critic into your biggest champion
  • Let go of limiting beliefs that are getting in your way
  • Create SMART action plans that will be sustainable and easy to maintain
  • Reorganize your priorities
  • Incorporate mindfulness into your life
  • Reconnect with your authentic self
  • Set those boundaries for once and for all
  • Turn the Anxiety Worrior into the Anxiety Warrior

People say it often: you GROW through what you GO through! And it’s true! As a result of this group, you are going to be a stronger, more mindful person once you get to know yourself on a deeper level. Now is the time to reexamine your personal needs and establish meaningful habits that nurture and honor yourself and start living a more fulfilling life.

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About The Group Facilitator

Our group facilitators are an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist here at our Los Angeles, CA-based therapy practice and here to tell you that you can turn your life around and create the one you are meant to live.

As an anxiety therapist, facilitators are passionate about feeling grounded and centered so that you can be real with yourself and those around you. In this group, I will help you turn your disconnection into connection so that you can feel the true confidence, empowerment, and acceptance you desperately deserve. You are completely capable of breaking free from the vicious cycle of self-criticism, disconnection, and anxiety and feel a true sense of trust and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Anxiety Support Group

When and where do we meet?

We meet via Google Meet every Thursday from 5:30pm- 6:45pm. The group will take place online.

How much does the support group cost?

The group costs $40 per session. You will provide a credit card to have on file. Since the group commitment is monthly, you will be charged a total of $160 first of every month for a total of four sessions for that month. Please be advised, there is no refund for any absences or cancellations. You can not make up by attending next month.

How big/small is the group?

The group will always have a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 7 members at any given time.

Does insurance cover the group?

Due to my desire to help sure you maintain maximum privacy and wanting to provide you with the highest level of care possible without constraints from managed care, I am an out-of-network provider for all insurance panels. Therefore, I am not affiliated with any insurance panel. I work hard to keep the groups affordable and the cost per group is roughly the cost of the average co-pay.

How is this group different than a Facebook group?

Facebook groups are wonderful platforms to find resources and build a community. However, this group is different because it is a therapy support group. It is a professional, therapeutic exercise that guides you on a journey of self-exploration with professional guidance and support. You will improve the relationship you have with your emotions, interests, and other people. A Master’s level therapist in training will provide you with an education that is science-based. Plus, you will be part of a group that adheres to confidentiality and non-judgment.

Who can join the group?

This group is for young women in their 20s and 30s single or in a committed relationship. Young women who have been struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, and self-doubt will benefit from a supportive group environment to learn self-love and self-confidence. The group is ideal for those who want to deal with the stress of the quarantine and continue to challenge themselves to become the best version of themselves. The group is also ideal for those who are willing to commit whole-heartedly, practice honesty and vulnerability, and take action in between group sessions.

Since the group will take place virtually, all California residents are welcome to join. Please note that you do not have to be receiving individual therapy to participate in this group therapy. However, during our free 30-minute intake call, I will inquire about your needs to make sure the group is the right fit for you.

Who will be leading the group?

One of our clinicians will be leading the group. They are supervised by Dr. Menije Boduryan-Turner, a licensed psychologist (PSY26351). The supervision requires that the associate to meet with Dr. Menije weekly to review the group process to ensure that you are receiving the best care possible.

Reserve Your Spot In Our Online Anxiety Support Group In Los Angeles, CA

Your first step is scheduling a free 30-minute intake consultation.  You’ll meet with our Client Care Coordinator, via video chat for about 30 minutes. During this intake, she will make sure that the group is a great fit for you.  She’ll get you set up with paperwork, share all the details of the group, and answer any questions. You can also email her any time with questions at or call (818) 741-1319. You’ll get tips and tools created by our therapists just for you.
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