Anxiety Warrior 5-day Challenge

The anxiety worrier struggles, but the Anxiety Warrior has unique coping strategies he/she uses to move out of struggle and into a more peaceful place of acceptance and well-being.

Anxiety is a normal response to stress, but if it is left unattended, it can become debilitating and hijacking the joy out of your life. You don’t have to be a victim of your anxiety. You can learn to break the vicious cycle of anxiety and judgment, and gain a true sense of confidence in handling life.

Let’s explore your unique perspective and create the tools you need in order to leave behind old fears that hold you back and learn new ways to respond to life in a healthy, calm way.

Like a superhero. Like an Anxiety Warrior

Things you will uncover if you take this journey…

Day 1:

The way we think affects the way we feel, which affects the way we act. So feeling anxiety often accompanies anxious thoughts that can exacerbate the discomfort. To learn to manage the emotions, at times means learning to manage the unhealthy thoughts behind it. Let’s start day 1 and learn steps to how to recognize and identify your anxious thoughts because managing and changing your thoughts start with labeling them.

Day 2:

Most often, we believe every thought we have. So when we have negative thoughts and find them to be true, it can deeply harm our view of ourselves and others. To have a balanced and healthy perspective, we need to learn to distance ourselves from our negative thoughts and begin challenging.  Once you identified your thoughts, on Day 2 you learned the skills to turn your discouraging, negative, and unhealthy thoughts to healthier, more encouraging, and positive ones! 

Day 3:

Considering that when you attach a meaning to your thoughts, it starts to shape the way you see yourself and others. A random thought can become your reality.

Mindfulness is about learning to take a step back and watch the thought. Unlike popular opinion, Mindfulness is more than just meditating. It is a useful tool in learning to pause and having the choice to decide whether or not you want to take action upon a particular thought. When we live in the present moment through mindfulness, we can tame our anxiety.

Day 4:

Let’s set some firm boundaries with your inner critic and say; enough is enough! On Day 4, you will learn to create your Self-compassionate script that will fill you with empathy, kindness, and patience. By turning the inner criticism into an inner-soother, you will learn to regulate anxiety and self-soothe.  You can start to feel good about yourself with all the ups and downs. Learning to love you comes with showing yourself kindness and compassion.

Day 5:

To live a happy life, you will need to have a variety of coping skills available to use during a stressful situation. In therapy, I refer to this as having Tools in your Toolbox! Our last day of the challenge will focus on creating your Wellness Toolbox. Hope you let your creativity run wild when creating your box. 

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