Our Approach

Mental Health Individualized For You

We utilize individualized treatment because we know that everyone’s journey is unique! We embrace differences to make sure your needs and goals are assessed and treated for the best outcome. Our team of licensed psychologist and associates allows us to match you with the right fit. 

Is Therapy a Right Fit For You?

Therapy can help you: 

  • Develop a better and deeper understanding of yourself, your goals, and your values
  • Learn new skills to improve help cope with your stress and anxiety
  • Learn new techniques to improve communication with people, partners, family, and friends. 
  • Change old behavior habits and patterns that may be affecting your quality of life
  • Feel better and more confident about yourself, your mental well-being, and your relationships.

While therapy is different for everyone, ultimately, it is a safe place for everyone to discuss the things happening in their life, reflect on their history, and make authentic progress toward the person they want to be!

Here's a preview of the services we offer to fit your needs:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The fundamental principle of CBT proposes that our thoughts affect our emotions, which in turn, affect our behaviors. During CBT treatment, you will learn to uncover unhealthy, negative, or rigid thoughts, attitudes, and belief systems. Once we identify these unhealthy thought patterns, our goal will be to find ways to challenge and reframe them.  We will also explore behavioral changes to support your new way of thinking. And at times, we will use these action goals to challenge your thoughts.

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy

While engaging in ERP therapy, you will learn to confront your anxiety and fears by creating a hierarchy. This is the exposure aspect of the model. The other part, response prevention, is learning to do the opposite of your previous actions, compulsions, or urges. By exposing yourself to your obsessions, whether they are intrusive thoughts or sensations, and not doing what your OCD is telling you to do, you will learn to tolerate discomfort and embrace uncertainty. This process allows the body to sit with anxiety and learn to tolerate discomfort. Over time and with enough practice, you will regain your strength, confidence, and sense of empowerment back into your life.

OCD loves perfection. It makes you believe that the more you seek certainty, the more perfect you are. By learning to embrace uncertainty and imperfection, you will build a sense of trust, compassion, and love in yourself.

A Comprehensive Model for Behavioral Treatment (ComB)

ComB treatment for BFRBs, such as hair-pulling, skin-picking, and nail-biting, is a collaborative approach between client and therapist first to identify and then to change relationships with five factors – sensory, cognitive, affective, motor, and place – that trigger BFRB behaviors. After an in-depth assessment to identify your unique pattern of variables that maintains the performance of your BFRB, behavior changes are introduced. The goal is to have new behavior patterns that are in response to the five categories of factors identified during the assessment and have these new behavior patterns be non-harmful or healthy alternatives. Treatment is modified, as necessary, in response to feedback regarding the usefulness of specific treatment recommendations. With practice, it is expected that triggers and reinforcers for pulling hair or picking skin will weaken as healthy alternative habits are established.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

MBSR teaches mindfulness and body awareness techniques. These skills help you better regulate and manage your emotions. Mindfulness will teach you ways to pause, observe and be non-judgmental of your inner experiences. By bringing awareness to the present moment, you can learn ways to be more accepting and grateful.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT successfully combines the principles of CBT and mindfulness to teach you better ways to regulate your emotions, set healthy boundaries, have firm communication skills, and tolerate stressful situations. This approach will teach you to how opposite things can coexist, such as acceptance and change. While learning to accept things the way they are, you can work towards changing the aspect of self that is not helping you.

The Couples Therapy Process

In couples therapy, you will both learn the following:

  • How to be empathetic and accountable to yourself and towards your partner.
  • How to let go of misinterpretations and begin seeing things from a different perspective
  • Allow yourselves to look inward by being open and accountable. 
  • The tools and techniques to better communicate with one another. 

During the first 2 to 3 sessions, we will go through the intake process, where we gather all the information we need to create a strong plan for you as a couple. The comprehensive intake evaluation will help your therapist identify the specific dynamics in your relationship. This process is necessary to create an individualized treatment plan that will be successful in helping you revitalize your relationship.

Ongoing sessions are designed to help strengthen your bond because the ultimate goal is not to remove all the conflict but to give you those tools to better handle any situations that may arise in the future to help you both get back on track easier and faster.

Outcomes Of Couples Counseling

  • Learn to put the problem in front of you rather than between you
  • Strengthen the compassion, empathy, and understanding of each other’s feelings and experiences
  • Begin to hold each other accountable without shaming or blaming
  • Resolve conflicts in ways that will bring you closer
  • Create stability in your relationship that will last a lifetime
  • Enjoy each other’s company again

You deserve to thrive, not just survive each day.

Here at Embracing You therapy, our mission is to make sure you get the help you deserve with our personalized services, designed to be best suited to your goals and desires.  

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