Couples Therapy And Marriage Counseling

You want a lifetime of love, support, connection, and a relationship that stands on solid ground. One that you can rely on and grow with as you move through life.

But maybe your relationship hasn’t been feeling right for a while. Maybe you don’t feel like you are on the same team anymore. Problems and differences have gotten between you, pushing you further away from each other. Instead of fighting to resolve life’s difficulties together side by side, you feel alone in the relationship.

Maybe you have mixed feelings and even doubts about wanting the relationship to work out. Often by the time you decide to start couples therapy, there is built-up tension, resentment, and unresolved issues. Hurtful things may have been said when emotions were high. As a couple, there has likely been a loss of intimacy, affection, and admiration.

Couples Therapy In Los Angeles Can Help

In couples therapy, also called marriage counseling, you will work with a couples therapist to break the cycle of attack and isolation. We’ll work on restoring love, connection, and intimacy.

By repairing the relationship, you will reconnect with the one you love. You will learn to have the same conversations in a healthier manner to get the best results. And you will build a stronger connection with your partner, which will enrich your life overall.

No relationship is perfect. But, when you avoid issues, they tend to pile up and lead to explosive arguments that cause more disconnection and resentment. In marriage counseling, we will discover the unhealthy cycle caused by misinterpretations and projections of feelings. Then we will learn about how to engage in honest and empathetic ways to relate and connect.  The ultimate goal of couples therapy is to get you and your partner on the same team working together instead of against each other.

Reasons To Begin Couples Therapy:

  • Lack of trust, connection, and intimacy
  • Difficulty resolving conflicts without attack and isolation
  • Unhealthy patterns that create disconnection
  • Unable to be present because of past unresolved issues

When you seek therapy for your relationship needs, you will gain a sense of relief and lightness from letting go of resentment, criticism, and isolation. Making a relationship last takes work. Relationship skills are not innate and can be learned with the help of a skilled marriage counselor. You may have been investing all your efforts into solving the problem and improving your relationship, but skills learned in couples therapy sessions can support you and your partner in reaching your ideal relationship.


Who Can Benefit From Marriage Counseling?

Couples therapy is the place to change your relationship patterns and strengthen the resilience of your partnership. Together, we will work on helping you break free from the vicious cycle of attack and isolation, and instead build connection and healthy attachment. In relationships, we move away from each other when we recycle old arguments. In marriage counseling, you will achieve a true sense of closure and let go of resentment so that there is safety, trust, and honesty in the relationship to be vulnerable and rely on each other.

When you gain a deeper insight and understanding of the underlying dynamics in a conflicting situation, you will be more aware of triggers in the future. By anticipating future triggers, you will have the toolset to be proactive rather than reactive.

Relationships at any stage can benefit from therapy. Whether you are seeking premarital counseling or relationship counseling, couples therapy is about creating a solid foundation. External stressors such as work and extended family member dynamics can take a toll on any relationship.

Couples therapy is the right fit for you if you don’t want to just float along, but you have the desire for a relationship that enriches your life. You want to be able to turn to your partner for emotional support, connection, and acceptance. Creating new patterns in your life will ultimately lead to a healthier relationship moving forward.

The Couples Therapy Process

Attending couples therapy does not need to be a last resort or something to rule out before you break up.

For couples therapy to be effective, it requires you to be accountable to yourself and empathetic towards your partner. By learning to be curious about your partner, you will let go of misinterpretations and start seeing things from a different perspective. Having the openness and flexibility to look inward, therapy requires you to be both vulnerable and accountable.

We will begin by reflecting on your past experiences. The past provides information about the present. The goal of couples therapy is to help each partner feel heard and seen. By the time you seek out the help of a couples therapist, you or your partner may be feeling unappreciated and taken for granted. But learning new ways to connect with each other in therapy will help the relationship will feel more fulfilling and satisfying.

Another component of couples therapy is to increase positive interactions. When the relationship has been estranged for a while, you forget to have fun together. We will create new routines that not only bring fun and laughter back into your relationship but also align with your unique family values. These small things will make big differences.

While you change the unhealthy and toxic dynamics in your relationship, you will experience a new sense of connection. One where you feel supported to show up as yourself and feel supported to follow your dreams.

What To Expect From Couples Therapy In Los Angeles, CA

At our Los Angeles area therapy practice, we start with a free phone consultation. This will give you the opportunity to elaborate on the experiences you wish to address in therapy. You will also learn more about our couples therapists.

During the first 2 to 3 sessions, we will go through the intake process, where we gather all the information we need to create a strong plan for you as a couple. The comprehensive intake evaluation will help your marriage counselor identify the specific dynamics in your relationship. This process is necessary to create an individualized treatment plan that will be successful in helping you revitalize your relationship.

Ongoing sessions are designed to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. The goal is not to remove all conflict, but to give you the tools and insight that will help you get back on track faster and easier. The goal of couples therapy is to create a secure emotional bond between partners through learning to be more open, attuned, and responsive to each other. Couples will learn to be emotionally available, empathic, and engaged with each other, strengthening their bond.

Outcomes Of Marriage Counseling

  • Learn to put the problem in front of you rather than between you
  • Strengthen the compassion, empathy, and understanding of each other’s feelings and experiences
  • Begin to hold each other accountable without shaming or blaming
  • Resolve conflicts in ways that will bring you closer
  • Create stability in your relationship that will last a lifetime
  • Enjoy each other’s company again

How Much Does Couples Therapy Cost?

Therapy for the treatment of relationship issues is a fee-for-service program, and we accept all major forms of payment. Please visit the Payment and Insurance page for our therapists’ session fees.

Due to our desire to make sure you maintain maximum privacy and wanting to provide you with the highest level of care possible without constraints from managed care, we are an out-of-network provider for all insurance panels. Therefore, we are not affiliated with any insurance panel. Many PPO plans may reimburse in full or in part for my services. Unfortunately, HMO, Medi-Cal, and Medicare insurances do not reimburse as they require that you see someone on their panel.

Start Couples Therapy And Marriage Counseling In Los Angeles, CA

It feels like you have been turning away from each other for some time, but it is possible to learn to turn towards each other again. You are deserving of giving and receiving love, compassion, and acceptance. It is possible to turn the estranged relationship into a close and united partnership.

You can absolutely have a relationship that is non-judgmental, supportive, and loving. It is possible to learn relationship skills that will help you and your partner be more vulnerable, emotionally open, and flexible.

Contact us by filling out the contact form and one of our staff members will reach out to you for a free phone consultation. During this call, you can talk about your goals for couples therapy and ask any questions you may have about our Los Angeles-based counseling practice. Our services are available to anyone in California with online therapy.