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“I can’t end relationships” – How to Walk Away from Toxic Relationships

We all start relationships with the best intentions. If it is a couple’s relationship, we hope that it will last
a lifetime, one in which we will share many happy memories and adventures. When it is a friendship, we hope to build an unbreakable bond that will provide support and companionship during both the hardest and the most joyous seasons of our lives. When it is a work relationship, we hope that the journey will be filled with learning opportunities and professional growth.

Given all of this, it is quite disappointing and heartbreaking when we come to the sad realization that the relationship is no longer serving us well. In romantic relationships, this may be when we feel our needs aren’t being met despite our communication of them; or when we recognize that our life goals aren’t in line with our partner’s. In a friendship, we may find ourselves always being the person who reaches out to initiate any sort of communication or to make plans; or our friend may consistently fail to respect our time, boundaries, or choices. In a work relationship, we may find ourselves investing more time or effort into the goal; or covering for the other person more often than we would like to.

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