The Healing Power of Befriending Your Flaws

A young African American woman is sitting in her home on a sunny morning. She is smiling while her eyes are closed and she is hugging herself.

There is more and more conversation these days about how we perceive ourselves and how we present ourselves. We are greatly impacted by how we perceive others and the access we have to view their lives and compare the two. Seeing these snippets of other people’s existences can create a false narrative that they do […]

Healing The Invisible Wounds From A Codependent Relationship

A young African American woman is sitting on the couch with her legs propped up. She has a sad facial expression as she looks at her phone in her hand.

If you have come out of a codependent relationship, you probably feel overwhelmed by how untethered that separation made you feel. The reason we fall into codependent relationships is the same reason they can be hard to get over and tricky to move past: they evolved out of an unmet need for security, unconditional love, […]

How the Reward System in ADHD Affects Motivation

A woman is standing in her home surrounded by a mess. There is a bucket next to her feet filled with cleaning supplies. On the floor there are clothes and dirty dishes.

We all struggle with motivation from time to time, and we all benefit from seeing rewards for our behaviors or actions when we are trying to achieve goals or make lifestyle changes. What sets you apart if you have ADHD is how much a reward system can impact your ability to get going or to […]

5 Steps To Getting a Handle on Your OCD

A young woman is sitting in her car leaning forward on her steering wheel. She has her sunglasses on her head and a sad facial expression.

If you have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, you know that it is never convenient when you experience symptoms. The last few years may have felt like a whole other level of trials and tribulations; stress exacerbates OCD in a major way, and we are certainly living through a series of unprecedented stressors right now. Getting a handle […]

5 Ways to Foster Love In Your 20s

A man and woman are seen walking together on a beach, shoreside. The woman is closer to the frame, smiling as the wind blows through her brown long hair. Her partner is standing further than her, holding her hand. He is looking at her and smiling.

When fostering love in your twenties, it can feel like unknown territory. For some, you may have entered your twenties with your high school sweethearts and are trying to grow your relationship as you grow as an individual. For others, you may have ended an important relationship and find yourself in your mid-twenties figuring out […]

5 Reasons Why You May Be Developing Codependent Relationships

In the photo we see a man and woman facing each other. The couple both have one of their hands up on the other persons hand. Their hands are tied together with black straps, representing their codependent relationship.

You might think that codependent relationships create a sense of security and togetherness, but that isn’t true. Codependent relationships lead to feelings of loneliness, disconnection, and rejection. This is because codependent relationships do not foster any sense of self-worth, self-confidence, or self-love. They create a system where autonomy, independence, and self-esteem cannot thrive. Codependency is […]

How to Manage Procrastination in ADHD

Asian woman is sitting in a room looking at her computer screen. She has a focused facial expression and if resting her hand on her face.

Procrastination in ADHD is more common than you may think. While most people with ADHD will report difficulty with concentration and attention, procrastination (along with task incompletion and delaying) are core symptoms that create challenges when living with ADHD. ADHD can cause issues in everyday life: work, school, self-care, and interpersonal relationships. It can impact […]

5 Common Mistakes Couples Make When Trying to Communicate With Each Other

African American couple are seen in a living room setting. The woman is seated on the couch with her elbows on her knees and her hands underneath her chin. The man is kneeling beside her and has his hand over the woman.

Communication issues are one of the top complaints in couples’ relationships because there are common mistakes that couples make when trying to communicate with each other. At least, that’s the one prominent concern all our couples seek therapy for with us here at Embracing You Therapy in Woodland Hills. In general, learning to communicate is […]

3 Steps to Creating Your Mental Wellness Plan For 2023

In this image we see a man attending a therapy session. The therapist is seated in front of him with her writing pad on her lap, taking notes. The therapist is wearing an orange shirt with a mint green blouse.

Mental wellness doesn’t just happen, and you can’t always tell how much work a person is putting into their mental wellness from the outside. While you might think that some people are just lucky or just happen to “have, it all figured out,” the truth is that everyone struggles sometimes, and it is often those […]

Social Media and its Effect on ADHD: Is it Time For a Detox?

A young girl lies in bed and cannot sleep, reads and chat on social networks on a smartphone. A woman with insomnia is watching a video online on a device.

Life with ADHD can often feel chaotic and disorganized. You may find yourself in situations where your mind is busy with tons of information while at the same time feeling foggy that you don’t know how to get out of the maze. The dis-regulation of your attention can have you jumping from topic to topic […]