My Partner is Struggling with Mental Health Issues! What can I do?

This time of year is notorious for mental health struggles. Many of us suffer from some winter blues; temporarily kept at bay by holiday lights and festivities, they have a tendency to feel more potent in the early months of a new year. The holiday season may have kept us busy and bolstered us with […]

How to turn Body Dissatisfaction into Body Celebration: 5 Steps to Loving Your Body

Our relationship with ourselves is complicated. There is no denying that. As we live our lives, we are tasked with the responsibility to learn to love many aspects of ourselves: our feelings, our thoughts, our actions, and most importantly, our bodies. You might read that and think, “Really? Body satisfaction is most important?” And let […]

“I can’t end relationships” – How to Walk Away from Toxic Relationships

We all start relationships with the best intentions. If it is a couple’s relationship, we hope that it will lasta lifetime, one in which we will share many happy memories and adventures. When it is a friendship, we hope to build an unbreakable bond that will provide support and companionship during both the hardest and […]

I have hard time setting boundaries; where do I begin?

Boundaries would seem to be a very simple concept;after all, we see boundary landmarks all the time and understand them perfectly. “Do Not Cross”and “No Trespassing” signs are clear and make sense. State lines, while decided by humans,are respected as such. So why is it that we struggle with enforcing our own personal emotional and […]

How can I stop people-pleasing?

We all like to think of ourselves as kind. In an ideal world, we are polite and accommodating to others, contributing to making the world a better, happier place. With those we love, we may take pride in being giving, nurturing, and thoughtful. Whether they are to be intentionally kind and attentive to the front […]

I have attachment issues. How do I get over them?

It can be tough out there in the world of dating and relationships. We all know that, like all interpersonal relationships, being half of a couple takes work. This can sometimes feel overwhelming when we consider the amount of emotional effort it takes to date someone, let alone commit to that person. For those among […]