Are You Anxious to Get Married? How to Cope With Wedding Anxiety!

Cropped shot of an affectionate young lesbian couple standing with their arms around each other in a meadow on their wedding day. 91364

If you are getting married soon, I would first like to say CONGRATULATIONS! A wedding is a day that celebrates your love and partnership with your significant other, and you deserve to have the day your heart desires. I would also like to say that if you are feeling nervous about the big day, you […]

3 Skills You Need to Have a Fair Fight in Your Couple’s Relationship!

Communication is key in any relationship; I’m sure you’ve heard that before. This is because communication does so many things. It invites the other person to know our thoughts and feelings; it relays essential information; it helps the other person. It can and should be a combination of what is being said and how it […]

3 Red Flags In Relationships That Most People Don’t Realize Are Red Flags!

Most adults have a bad dating story or an experience. These stories may range from the anecdotal to the bizarre to the downright horrible. Looking back, most people admit that they can “see the red flags” in hindsight. Sometimes, we shake our heads at ourselves or laugh it off. Sometimes, these stories take a long […]

4 Ways to Build Stronger Communication in Your Couple’s Relationship

Communication can seem so simple: we tell each other things all the time. We speak, send text messages, and write notes. We tell each other we’re happy by smiling or angry by frowning. There are so many ways to express or share information! Especially in a relationship where you share your living space with another […]

My Partner Has Social Anxiety! How to Manage Social Anxiety In Relationships

Most of us have experienced an uncomfortable social situation, such as feeling awkward when meeting new people or giving a public speech. These incidents may come and go or disturb our emotions from time to time. This can lead us to believe that we can relate to how it feels to have Social Anxiety; in […]