Are you Afraid to Fail? 3 Ways to Cope With the Fear of Failure

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Tell me if any of this sounds familiar: you struggle to put yourself out there, whether it’s seeking promotions, making personal connections, or trying new things. You put high standards in place for yourself, to the point that you don’t want to do anything at all if you don’t have reason to believe you’ll excel […]

Do you Feel Insecure? 5 Ways to Cope with Self-Doubt!

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Do you feel like everyone around you “has it all together,” and you’re riddled with doubts, insecurity and worries about your worthiness? Despite what it might look like from the outside, nobody is confident 24/7. We all have our ups and downs. We all have moments of courage and then moments of imposter syndrome. All […]

How to Cope When Father’s Day is Emotional!

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With Father’s Day approaching, you might be experiencing some mixed or unpleasant emotions. Both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day tend to bring up a lot of feelings for people, and with good reason.  Whatever the nature of your bond with your father, life events and circumstances can factor into how you feel about Father’s Day. […]

Are You Afraid of Failing? How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure!

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Sometimes, it can be challenging to understand how certain people take on certain tasks or projects. From the outside, all we see is a confident person stepping up to the plate, ready for action. Even if we know the person pretty well, we are probably not with them in their private moments of doubt, worry, […]