Are You Ready to Start Therapy? 3 Things to Know About Therapy

If you’re thinking about starting therapy but haven’t yet, you may or may not be consciously aware of the reasons why you’re hesitating. You might worry about the investment; maybe you don’t feel that you have the time or finances in place to commence therapy. You may feel that you “don’t really need” therapy – […]

Are You Feeling Unmotivated? 3 Ways to Boost Your Motivation

There are a lot of benefits to setting goals and having aspirations. Having visions for yourself, whether in your personal or professional life, can keep you focused, keep you going, and allow you to connect with yourself, your values, and your higher purpose. Having goals is a way to break up daily tasks and typical […]

Are you Afraid to Fail? 3 Ways to Cope With the Fear of Failure

A young college student sitting in a college class with pile of books that describe feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. If you are struggling with college anxiety and stress as a young adult, CBT therapists can help to teach you stress management skills. 91301 | 91302 | 91372

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar: you struggle to put yourself out there, whether it’s seeking promotions, making personal connections, or trying new things. You put high standards in place for yourself, to the point that you don’t want to do anything at all if you don’t have reason to believe you’ll excel […]

Do You Get Anxious When Traveling? 5 Ways to Tame Travel Anxiety

Portrait of a young woman checks the arrivals and departures board at the airport. She wears a face mask for protection during a Coronavirus pandemic. New normal lifestyle for public transport after Covid-19

I think that being fortunate enough to travel is a great blessing. The more of the world we see, the more our minds open; we are exposed to different cultures and customs and can see first-hand that there are a million paths to choose from. Being able to experience a lifestyle different from our own […]

How to Cope When Father’s Day is Emotional!

With Father’s Day approaching, you might be experiencing some mixed or unpleasant emotions. Both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day tend to bring up a lot of feelings for people, and with good reason.  Our relationship(s) with our parents play a significant role in our development, as they often lay the emotional blueprint for the rest […]

Feeling Anxious About Graduating? 3 Ways to Manage Post-Graduation Anxiety

Every milestone brings with it a mix of joy and anxiety. There is a lot to celebrate, yet there are also a lot of unknowns. You might be graduating from high school, college, or university. While you may have been looking forward to graduation for a long time, you may also have been aware that […]

4 Ways to Build Stronger Communication in Your Couple’s Relationship

Communication can seem so simple: we tell each other things all the time. We speak, send text messages, and write notes. We tell each other we’re happy by smiling or angry by frowning. There are so many ways to express or share information! Especially in a relationship where you share your living space with another […]