What are you telling yourself?

Take a moment and listen to yourself. Listen to the thoughts you are having. What are you often telling yourself? Are your thoughts supportive, critical, negative or positive? Based on Cognitive Therapy, we all have automatic thoughts throughout the day. When we are journaling or just talking to a friend, we are sharing these automatic […]

Comparison Trap

Comparison trap is a dead-end street. It always ends with feeling bad about yourself. It leaves you feeling unaccomplished, not good enough and unworthy. It can lead to feeling resentful, angry or jealous. It never leads to positivity, self-confidence or motivation. Theodore Roosevelt is quoted to say; “Comparison is the thief of joy.” So why […]

Let’s Talk About Anxiety

Everyone feels anxious once in a while when you worry about major things in your life. However for those that have anxiety it is much different. Clinical Anxiety presents itself through excessive worry, sleep problems, intense panic attacks, irrational fears, headache, muscle tension, poor memory and concentration. No one person may experience anxiety the same […]

Lessons I learned from my daughter

As therapists, we are trained to self-disclose with a purpose. When we share a piece of personal information with our clients, it is done so that we are not simply talking about selves but our experience can be used as a tool to help the client process their own. So when I share with you […]

Breaking Up With Perfectionism

Have you been in a long-term relationship with perfectionism? Has it been your partner in crime for a while? Would you like to end it but don’t know how? Whether it’s our personal or professional life, most of us have been a perfectionist in one area or another. Initially, perfectionism may seem innocent as a […]

How is your relationship with Social Media?

Given the variety of social media platforms out there, it is quite fair to assume that we are all involved in the social media world in one form or another. Social media accounts have evolved significantly during the past decade as now there are multiple different platforms where we share our thoughts, activities, needs, and […]

What is EMDR by Janet Bayramyan

I am excited to share today my very first guest blogger, Janet Bayramyan, MSW. She is a wonderful clinician with extensive experience working with adults on trauma, addiction, and intimacy issues. Here is her very informative post on EMDR and what it would look like to use it in therapy. Happy Reading!~~~~~~~As a mental health […]

Medication – To Take or Not To Take

When getting help for your mental health needs you may end up considering whether adding medication will be helpful or necessary. Let’s explore… There are two significant benefits of medication. The first would be symptom relief and the second would be to make therapy more effective. Some challenging experiences such as insomnia, sad mood and […]

#TBT: Benefits of Failure

Let’s play a trivia game! Can you name the author whose first children’s book was rejected by 23 different publishers? What about a famous athlete who was cut from the varsity basketball team his sophomore year in high school? Who is a famous author who lived on welfare for years in an apartment infested with […]

Self-care is not Selfish!

The summer has ended, the schools have started and you start to see holiday decorations in the stores. You know another very busy season is ahead. A busy life can offer some sense of satisfaction and fulfillment as we can multitask and attend to different areas of our lives. However, one big fall out of […]