Breaking Up With Perfectionism

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Have you been in a long-term relationship with perfectionism? Has it been your partner in crime for a while? Would you like to end it but don’t know how? Whether it’s our personal or professional life, most of us have been a perfectionist in one area or another. Initially, perfectionism may seem innocent as a […]

What is EMDR by Janet Bayramyan

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As a mental health therapist, I used to be the biggest skeptic when it came to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy. EMDR involves the movement of the eyes back and forth in what’s called bilateral stimulation. Earlier in my career, I thought to myself ‘How can moving eyes back and forth help heal […]

Medication – To Take or Not To Take

A woman is seated on a couch, her hand resting on her face as she appears to be trying to control her emotions.

When getting help for your mental health needs you may end up considering whether adding medication will be helpful or necessary. Let’s explore… There are two significant benefits of medication. The first would be symptom relief and the second would be to make therapy more effective. Some challenging experiences such as insomnia, sad mood and […]

How to cope with grief during Thanksgiving

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Grief is a type of experience where no two people may respond the same way. This complicated and notably painful experience can be even more challenging during the holidays. As we come together to celebrate the Thanksgiving, it can be helpful to rely on some tools to protect and experience our grief while enjoying the […]