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Why does it matter to feel our feelings?

In psychotherapy, often there are goals about emotions. In particular, finding ways to manage and reduce their destructiveness. Most avoid, repress or run away from their feelings. Learning how to manage our emotions and lead an emotionally friendly life lies in understanding and believing in the purpose of our emotions. Emotions exist for a reason. Often they are messengers; guiding us to pay attention to what is going on within or around us. For example anger often alarms violation of one’s values, needs or boundaries. Anxiety can alarm to us to danger. Depression can point to the dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment in one’s life. We have an opportunity to grow when we start to embrace our emotions rather than reject them. In order to learn from our emotions we must first recognize and identify them. When you notice yourself experiencing an emotion, label it! Use of an emotion-chart can be helpful tool. When that emotion is recognized it is important to accept its existence. Be a good host and welcome the emotion with kindness and compassion. If we can learn to accept emotions, then we are one-step closer to tolerating them. Lastly, share your feelings. You can write about, draw it, or simply talk about it. Most importantly express it! Remember, emotions have a tendency to pile up when ignored.

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