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Why do we even talk about New Year’s resolution?

“What’s your New Year’s resolution?” A common question asked in a family gathering, a work party or a social event. It’s a question that some have a very definite answer, where others refuse to come up with one. In their defense, the New Year’s resolution doesn’t have the best reputation. Often the number of people who stick to their resolution decreases as the months go by. By the end of the year only a very few have followed through and accomplished their goals. So one wonders, if the success of the New Year’s resolution is so low, why do we still talk about it? What’s behind this annual ritual? I think that the most important motive behind the resolution is a desire for change. There are often many things we wish to change in our lives, which could be about work, relationships, physical health or leisure time. And for some reason change is often pursued at a particular time, like the first day of the week, first day of the month or the first day of the year! We seem to look for an external motivator to get us going; like a noticeable time. And I think this is where it fails; we can’t rely on some external source for change. It needs to come from an internal motivator. So you have to ask yourself what do I want different out of 2018? Why do I want that? Asking these questions are only the first step to change; but the answer to it can build the foundation to the change you are seeking.

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