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CBT stands for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Among its very effective tools, the fundamental principle of CBT proposes that our thoughts affect our emotions, which affect our behaviors. On a good day, it looks something like this: I think to myself “this isn’t that hard,” so I feel “confident,” “interested” and/or “able,” which motivates me to pursue or give it a try.

However if it’s one of those days when the negative self-talk is at its loudest? Then the relationship between our thoughts, emotions and behaviors can be very unhealthy. Imagine a day where you think to yourself “I won’t get the job, there are so many people better than me.” These thoughts lead to feeling anxious, scared, and/or doubtful. You are now more likely to delay or avoid an action or a decision. This relationship helps to understand that behind unhealthy behaviors or intense emotions lay unhealthy, illogical, or rigid thought patterns. However, if we start to identify and challenge our thinking, we will find new ways to manage our emotions and change our behaviors.

Coping with Negative Self Talk

The key here is to understand and recognize the power of thoughts, and more specifically the power of words that makes up our self-talk. We can chose words that can help us think in a way that is healthier,

more flexible and more rational. What are these words? They are called Positive Affirmations. Telling yourself at the end of a long day “I have done the best I can” or beginning a day with a thought such as “I am thankful for what I have” can bring sense of strength and/or contentment. These feelings can bring out the best in all of us. So pay attention to your inner talk! Check in with the words you use. Are you being kind to yourself and your biggest supporter or are you being your own worst enemy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Woodland Hills, CA

Does this resonate with you, because you feel like those days where you have unhealthy thoughts are starting to outnumber the good days? The good news is that research shows (and our experience as mental health clinicians confirms) that CBT can help with a wide range of mental health concerns including anxiety & depression.

Here at Embracing You Therapy, we invite you to explore with us how life would be different if you had more control over your thoughts and emotions, and we invite you to consider that it is possible to accept things just as they are, embracing imperfections to create a gentler place for calm in your life.

Let’s learn what drives your unique perspective on anxiety and stress. Then, let’s find the tools-your unique tools-that help you respond to life in a healthy, calm way. Contact us today for your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with one of our Client Care Coordinators.

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