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When we think of Halloween we typically think of scary movies, lively costumes or haunted houses. It’s a time where it is OK, maybe even a little fun, to be scared. This seems to be such a stark contrast to how we spend rest of our time. Many people expend tons of effort avoiding and repressing their fears. We get uncomfortable and overwhelmed by just thinking of its existence. After all we have so many of them: fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment and fear of commitment. Simply coming up with a list of fears can be daunting enough, yet alone facing and confronting them. Many are afraid to figure out the origins of these fears. Despite how hard we may try to run away from them, our fears have a tendency to catch up with us. The problem isn’t what we see on the surface i.e. the fear itself. The problem is the way we respond to our fears. Instead of running away, stand tall. Instead of repressing, recall with clarity. Instead of denying, accept. Instead of letting it control you, take back control. Only when we learn to live with fears, may we find the strength, courage and wisdom we need.

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21031 Ventura Blvd, Suite 316
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