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Change happens outside of our comfort zone

What is it that makes our comfort zone all that it is?

Maybe it’s because it has everything we think we need and want? Perhaps it’s the familiarity? Nothing unexpected, no surprises. Possibly it’s the illusion of control. Everything is just the way we like it right where we left it.

Why move out?

Well for starters the discoveries are endless. No one can tell you what you can discover about yourself, your interests, and relationships outside of your comfort zone. There are no limits and growth is boundless.

What about the chance that you might be happier and more content once outside? Is it possible that you want to ‘settle down’ in your comfort zone due to fears of failure, or even fears of success? If you do address these fears, you may experience a true sense of comfort.

If the one thing that is constant in the world, is the change. Why not get on board and explore life? You never know what you may find until you take the first step.

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