How to Set Boundaries During the Thanksgiving Holiday

With Thanksgiving approaching, you may be feeling some nerves settle in about participating in a traditional dinner. While in recent years, we have come to recognize that there is a problematic history with this holiday, many of us still use the occasion as a reason to come together with loved ones and focus on the […]

How is Your Inner Child Doing? 3 Ways to Connect With Your Inner Child

Are you struggling with anxiety, insecurity, and low self-esteem? Believe me, 9 out of 10 of us are…And that other person is likely just in denial. I say that to normalize the human struggle we all have with our emotions, self-confidence, self-love, and self-acceptance. Let me normalize one more thing: this is a lifelong journey […]

Are You Ready to Start Therapy? 3 Things to Know About Therapy

If you’re thinking about starting therapy but haven’t yet, you may or may not be consciously aware of the reasons why you’re hesitating. You might worry about the investment; maybe you don’t feel that you have the time or finances in place to commence therapy. You may feel that you “don’t really need” therapy – […]

When People-Pleasing Ruins Your Relationships!

We are social beings. We care for connection. We heal through connection. Unfortunately, this means that we can sometimes become so dependent on those connections that we sacrifice our own needs and wants to make relationships work. If this sounds like you, you are not the only one. Especially if you were raised and socialized […]

Do you Feel Insecure? 5 Ways to Cope with Self-Doubt!

Afro Woman looking at her reflection in the mirror. Anxiety treatment in Los Angeles, CA can help with coping skills by talking to an anxiety therapist. 91301 | 91302 | 91372 91367

Do you feel like everyone around you “has it all together,” and you’re riddled with doubts and worries about your worthiness? Despite what it might look like from the outside, nobody is confident 24/7. We all have our ups and downs. We all have moments of courage and then moments of imposter syndrome. All in […]

How to Cope When Father’s Day is Emotional!

With Father’s Day approaching, you might be experiencing some mixed or unpleasant emotions. Both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day tend to bring up a lot of feelings for people, and with good reason.  Our relationship(s) with our parents play a significant role in our development, as they often lay the emotional blueprint for the rest […]

3 Red Flags In Relationships That Most People Don’t Realize Are Red Flags!

Most adults have a bad dating story or an experience. These stories may range from the anecdotal to the bizarre to the downright horrible. Looking back, most people admit that they can “see the red flags” in hindsight. Sometimes, we shake our heads at ourselves or laugh it off. Sometimes, these stories take a long […]