Do you Feel Insecure? 5 Ways to Cope with Self-Doubt!

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Do you feel like everyone around you “has it all together,” and you’re riddled with doubts and worries about your worthiness? Despite what it might look like from the outside, nobody is confident 24/7. We all have our ups and downs. We all have moments of courage and then moments of imposter syndrome. All in […]

How to Cope When Father’s Day is Emotional!

With Father’s Day approaching, you might be experiencing some mixed or unpleasant emotions. Both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day tend to bring up a lot of feelings for people, and with good reason.  Our relationship(s) with our parents play a significant role in our development, as they often lay the emotional blueprint for the rest […]

3 Red Flags In Relationships That Most People Don’t Realize Are Red Flags!

Most adults have a bad dating story or an experience. These stories may range from the anecdotal to the bizarre to the downright horrible. Looking back, most people admit that they can “see the red flags” in hindsight. Sometimes, we shake our heads at ourselves or laugh it off. Sometimes, these stories take a long […]

When You are Paralyzed by Shame, Try These 5 Steps to Overcome It:

The sinking feeling in the stomach, the suffocating grip of dread. This is the feeling of shame; it ties into feelings of not being worthy, or worse yet, deserving bad experiences and misfortunes. It can get a grip onus and refuse to let go, impacting how we make decisions, how we process events and emotions, […]