Are You Afraid of Failing? How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure!

Sometimes, it can be challenging to understand how certain people take on certain tasks or projects. From the outside, all we see is a confident person stepping up to the plate, ready for action. Even if we know the person pretty well, we are probably not with them in their private moments of doubt, worry, […]

When You are Paralyzed by Shame, Try These 5 Steps to Overcome It:

The sinking feeling in the stomach, the suffocating grip of dread. This is the feeling of shame; it ties into feelings of not being worthy, or worse yet, deserving bad experiences and misfortunes. It can get a grip onus and refuse to let go, impacting how we make decisions, how we process events and emotions, […]

Do You Struggle With Regret? 3 Ways To Move On From Regrets

How do you define regrets? Are they things you would take back, things you would do differently? Perhaps you regret things you didn’t do as opposed to those you did. What constitutes regret for you? Does an incident have to create a certain amount of damage in order for you to regret it? Does it […]

Trying to Stay Sober During the Holidays? 5 Tips to Maintain Your Recovery

How long have you been in recovery? What are you recovering from? How has your journey been? Answers to these questions will vary depending on your circumstance, but one universally true thing is that being in recovery is hard. There is nothing easy about it. Your decision to quit and your commitment to stay clean […]

Practicing Mindfulness for Better Mental Health

In recent years, you may have heard people talking about mindfulness; it has become a mental health and wellness buzzword. Maybe it’s people you know, or maybe you’ve seen social media posts or news stories about mindfulness and the importance of being mindful. You may not have heard what mindfulness truly is and how it […]

“I’m my worst critic!” How to Combat Self-DefeatingThoughts

Imagine this: someone is picking on your best friend. Your best friend is kind,supportive, smart, and funny, but it’s not enough for this other person. This bully is never satisfied, never impressed. They always point out what was wrong or could have been better. They tell your best friend not to bother trying or not […]

How to stop sabotaging your life!

Many of us have habits, tendencies, or behaviors of self-sabotage that impact our lives to varying degrees. Self-sabotage, the active or passive pattern of preventing ourselves from reaching various goals and achievements, can occur for many reasons and manifest in many ways. Self-sabotage can impact every aspect of your life. It can disrupt relationships and […]